Sonterra Pool


Sonterra residents enter free with pool ID.

* In the event of rain or lightning, we will clear the deck and ask people to leave the pool’s gated area. Thunder and lightning will be a mandatory 30 min. wait with no one inside the pool area other than guards.

* There are no refunds, but we do give rainchecks.

* There is a concession stand. We do not accept credit cards at this time.

510 Sonterra Blvd.

How to get a pool ID:

THERE ARE NO KEYS TO THE POOL, all residents are provided a picture ID, when they come up to get it made and verify that they live in the neighborhood.

ALL COA/HOA dues/fees MUST be taken care of before you get your ID.

EMAIL:, to address any issues with dues/fees.

You will need:

  • Each person in household that is wanting to swim needs to be present for picture ID.
  • Non swimmers do not need an ID and are not charged.
  • ALL household members over the age of 18, MUST verify that they live at the address by showing: a current MUD bill or housing paperwork AND a picture ID with the CURRENT address.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be with the family to get their picture ID.
  • ALL walkers get a picture ID.



Pool IDs are created new- EVERY SUMMER, you will do this process again next year.

Visiting grandkids and grandparents will be allowed in without paying a guest fee.

ALL other guests MUST pay $5 to swim.

ANYONE can enter without paying if they are not swimming.

No private swim parties
No extended rentals past 9pm 
Rental times 12-4 ($125) 5-9 ($125) all day ($250)
ALL Saturdays are booked through the end of August.

Email Sonterra Pool, at about availability of rentals. The pool rental comes with the clubhouse rental. You should receive a reply within 48 hours. See Clubhouse rental page for more information.

There are no private rentals of the pool between the hours of 12p-9p, Tuesday-Sunday.