Utility Service

Utility Emergencies

For utility emergencies please call 246-1400.

General Information

Water meters are read around the 20th of each month. Bills are mailed out around the 1st and are due on the 20th of each month.

Your water meter is read monthly to calculate your water usage.  We recommend monitoring your water meter to better understand your water usage patterns.   Checking your water meter is a quick and easy way to verify the meter reading or check for a leak. Please check out our website link to learn where your water meter is located and how to check for leaks and read your meter. https://crossroadsus.com/how-to-read-your-meter/

Leak Check: To check for a leak (see attachment) If no water is being used in the home (no toilets, dishwasher, laundry, showers), the red triangle (flow indicator) on the face of meter should not be moving. If this dial is moving, that is an indication that you may have a leak and may want to call a plumber.

Toilets: There is a quick DIY tip to check your toilets found on the link provided.

Irrigation:  Check out the read dates on your bill. These are the dates that we read your meter and your meter may have had high usage.  Adjustments to your irrigation system may be reflected on your next bill depending on the date you made the change.  Read your water meter before and after your irrigation system runs to get a true understanding of how much water your irrigation system is using in a single cycle. Do an irrigation system check frequently and monitor sprinkler heads for proper function or contact an irrigation specialist for more assistance. If you would like an operator to read your meter again or check for a leak, there may be a service charge depending on your district. Please Crossroads Utility at 512 246 1400 for more information.

Winter Averaging

The monthly average volumetric sewer charge is based upon your average gallons of water usage during the winter averaging period, which includes the months of December, January and February.

Security Deposit

For accounts established after November 10, 2008 a refundable security deposit of $150 (for property owners) or $300 (for renters) is required to set up service. If service is terminated the total deposit will increase to $250 (for owners) or $300 (for renters) even if no deposit was originally required. No interest shall be paid on any deposit.

Late Payment

A late payment charge of $20.00 or 25% of the unpaid balance, whichever is greater, will be due for any bill that is not paid on or before the due date. For any bill past due 30 days or more interest of 10% per annum will be added until the bill is paid in full.

If your residential utility service is terminated for non-payment you must pay a $70 reconnection fee and additional security deposit up to the maximum before service will be restored.

Returned Checks

The District charges a $25.00 penalty fee for any returned check. If your check is dishonored your account will be subject to all applicable late penalties and possible disconnection for non-payment.

Establishing Service

Contact the offices of the District’s Operator for information on how and where to apply for service.

Prior to receiving residential service you will be required to complete the Service Agreement and pay a $25 administrative fee.

Payment Address

Mail payments to:

P.O. Box 676664
Dallas, TX 75267-6664

Commercial Customers

Contact the offices of the District’s Operator for information.

Builders and Developers

Contact the offices of the District’s Operator for information.

Rate Order

Download the District’s complete Rate Order for further information.